High quality raw materials – Developing new formulas and sourcing raw materials of safe and high quality.

Animal feed production R&D – In order to produce safe and nutritious meat products, CPF strives to develop new formulas to get the finest quality animal feed.

Global standard feedmills – CPF’s processing plants employ advanced production technology with international safety standards.

Advanced technology – Trucks equipped with GPS tracking system ensures consistent quality on time.

Farm Breeding

Quality breeds – Developing livestock breeds by natural processes without using any biochemical methods.


Integrated closed farms – CPF employs integrated closed farms and uses modern production technologies approved by international standards.

Advanced evaporative cooling system technology – The evaporative cooling system uses advanced technologies to raise livestock and this has proven to be effective in preventing diseases.

Computer controlled farming – With computerized control systems, a farmer can check and control every procedure of more than 1,00,000 chickens simultaneously.

Food Processing

Global standard processing plants – CPF’s processing plants employ the latest and most modern production technologies.

Animal welfare – CPF’s plants are world-class and meet all international regulations, requirements and certifications, and are on par with animal welfare standards.

Traceability – The system checks and controls every step of the process and ensures traceability.

Fresh, clean and safe food – The packaging of the product is fully computerized. The production processes ensure consistently high quality for consumers.

Table – Adding Value

Available at business convenience – CPF provides global marketing and distribution channels for business to business.

Available at consumer’s fingertips – CPF provides retail channels for consumers.

Product of choice – High quality products with food safety integrity.

Kitchen of the World – CPF provides quality food products with food safety integrity for the world’s consumer.