• We realize the importance of eating a well-balanced diet – one that meets daily needs in terms of calories and nutrients. That’s why we strive to provide a range of products that are “better for you” and “fun to eat”.
  • CP Products are Nutritious
    We use superior quality vegetables that are produced using the latest technology. They are plucked at the peak of nutrition and flavour, pre-cooked and then frozen to prevent deterioration of the quality of food.
  • CP Products are Fresh
    Blast freezing is used for increasing the shelf-life and preserving freshness and nutrition.
  • CP Products are Tasty & Easy to cook
    CP’s products are easy to cook, and yet delicious, which enables homemakers and food-preparers to innovate while cooking.
  • CP Products are Healthy
    Serving the gift of Mother Nature with a little twist, from our food experts right to our customers, CP products have been created with a focus on health in mind.
  • Freezing is a natural form of food preservation
    Advanced quick freezing technologies help preserve food without the use of any preservatives or additives.
  • Frozen food can be nutritious
    Freezing helps in preserving the nutritional makeup of food by helping to prevent the loss of vitamins and nutrients.
  • Frozen food provides consistent quality
    Frozen foods are made using set standards and parameters, and as such retain crispness, flavour, shape and quality.
  • Frozen foods are convenient and flexible
    Frozen foods allow usage as per requirement. They are highly convenient as there are no preparations required. They also get ready in minutes.