We, at CPF, follow high ethical standards in conducting business, with concern for consumers, safety and health, environmental conservation for the benefit of society as a whole, and development of new products and services through the use of advanced technology, which ultimately benefit business partners and consumers. We realize that human resource is the material resource for the success of our Company. We believe that having good and proper working values shall support the people and the Company efficiently in achieving its target. Hence, we have set forth 6 principles that are derived from our global CP values - the basic qualities that we wish to instill in our personnel, and to strive to bring the organization to achieve the targeted goals.

Three benefits to sustainability

The company operates its business with the consideration for the benefits of countries, people and company itself, respectively. The company also includes employees and family members.

Speed and quality

Think, plan and take actions before others to become the first mover with high quality.


Make things less complicated for more efficiency and effectiveness.

Adapt to change

Adapt to change requires a good attitude, which will lead us to turn changes to opportunities and work along well in diverse cultures.


New ideas and innovation which will benefit the organization. To develop new products and improve work processes.

Integrity, Honesty and Reciprocity

Adherence to integrity, code of conduct and honesty is required in the organization.