Did you know that including meat in your daily diet has many advantages? Here is a list of some of the benefits of including chicken meat in your diet.

  1. Rich in protein

    Chicken is one of the best non-vegetarian sources of lean, low-fat protein. The protein in chicken helps in muscle growth, development and aids weight loss.

    A serving of 100g of roasted chicken offers 31g of protein.

  2. A natural anti-depressant

    Tryptophan, an amino acid that is known to reduce stress and promote levels of happiness, is present in large quantities in chicken. It is known scientifically to increase the serotonin levels in one’s brain and thus enhance a person’s mood.

  3. High in Phosphorus, Calcium and Selenium

    Chicken is rich in several other minerals apart from protein. Chicken is rich in Phosphorus which helps keep bones and teeth healthy. Chicken has an abundance of Selenium, another mineral that helps maintain the metabolic performance and increases immunity.

  4. Eye care

    Healthy eyesight requires good amounts of vitamin A in the form of Retinol, Alpha and Beta-Carotene which is present in high amounts in chicken.

  5. Controlling/reducing blood pressure

    Consuming chicken along with a diet comprising of nuts, low-fat dietary products, vegetables and fruits has been found to control or even reduce blood pressure.